Eating Out: Joe’s Falafel

The Husband has a running list on his phone of all the restaurants and spots he wants to try (pretty impressive for a non-planner).  Depending on what neighborhood we’re in he can refer to the list and find us something to eat or drink that’s likely to be delicious.  Joe’s Falafel was on that list.  We were actually on our way to Silverlake to get lunch on a Saturday when we mapped traffic.  A travel time of 45 minutes was NOT going to work with a hungry toddler in tow.  So we looked for something new in a neighborhood a bit closer and found ourselves at Joe’s.


Whenever we eat Mediterranean I have to have a veggie platter.  I absolutely love falafel, baba ghanoush, and dolmas.  I was not disappointed with Joe’s Vegetarian Combo Plate.  It had all my favorites plus the most delicious cabbage I’ve ever had. (Did I tell you I’m a huge fan of cabbage?)  I shared my plate with Ro but it was VERY hard.  I know she felt the same way because she ate a full falafel, a bunch of red cabbage, hummus, and pita.  I was shocked! Especially since the falafel was pretty spicy (which I appreciated). I can only presume the extra kick comes from a ton of fresh garlic.


The Hubs wasn’t as impressed with his Beef Lafa, but I’m pretty sure this place is master of falafel.  I mean, just look at that deep fried perfection.  Even Ro approved, and she’s a picky critic.  Any place that is toddler approved has got to be doing something right.  I think we’ll be heading back to Joe’s very, very soon!



Joe’s Falafel

Neighborhood: Studio City

3535 Cahuenga Blvd W
Ste 105
Los Angeles, CA90068



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