So Grossed Out

I knew we had silverfish, but c’mon!  No matter where I’ve lived I’ve always seen them.  Every once in a while I’d encounter a silverfish in the bathroom, and no biggie, I’d squish it and not think twice. But after today, it’s all I can think about.  In case you live in a really clean world and don’t know what a silverfish is, here’s a close up picture:LepismaSaccharina


Apparently our bug problem has gotten so bad, that nature has called in the big guns (i.e. house centipedes).  I guess they eat silverfish, ants, and roaches.  I’m beyond disgusted.  This morning hubs found one in our bathroom amongst ants and I’m sure silverfish.  If you’ve never seen one, brace yourself:


I purposefully picked a small image so that you don’t throw up.  Just searching for images gave me the heebie jeebies.  I can hardly finish writing this post and can’t believe I’m subjecting anyone to reading this, but here I am.

So what are we to do? I’ve googled natural ways to rid our home of these pests, and come up with one that I’m willing to try first. Well, obviously we need to do a deep cleaning (spring cleaning here we come) and then I’m going to spray lavender oil everywhere.  Lavender is going to be my signature scent.  Ants and silverfish are supposed to hate the smell, so I’m going to go nuts.  In fact if you ever come visit you’ll probably feel very relaxed when you leave.  Let’s hope it calms my fears a little too.


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