Easter 2016

Easter is one of my favorite holidays.  It’s one that reminds me of new beginnings.  No matter how dark your winter may have been the spring blossoms and baby chicks renew your hope in what’s to come.  Having a young child makes this holiday infinitely more enjoyable.  To see the excitement of an egg hunt through a child’s eyes is magical.


Last year was Ro’s first Easter, but she was such a blob back then that I just carried her around hoping she’d notice that kids were hunting eggs.  This year though, she actually got to participate.  While it only lasted 5 minutes, it was so much fun to witness.

Luckily we got to experience two Easter egg hunts!  Our friends host an annual pre-Easter egg hunt for all our littles, and we were so excited to get to participate this year.  This was sort of her warm up for the real hunt on Easter Sunday.  You can see everyone’s eager to get out and collect their goodies, except Ro who has NO clue what they’re lining up for.


Obviously I had to help her find eggs.  Here she is with her first hidden treasure:


On Sunday we went to our family’s Easter celebration.  Ro got to experience Dzoo Dzoo for the first time, as well.  (Life is so exciting when it’s full of firsts.) Dzoo Dzoo is a game that Armenian children play outside of church on Easter.  Everyone brings their decorated eggs and sees whose is strongest. You basically hit the egg tips against each other to see which one cracks.  The unscathed egg wins and keeps the broken egg.  The champion has a basket full of eggs and weeks of egg salad ahead of them.  It was the sweetest thing to see her aunt, grandpa, and cousins teaching her how to play.


Our Easter was full of joyful reminders of how precious new beginnings are.  I hope the spirit of Easter sticks with us for a little while longer.


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