The Importance of Family Friendships

Growing up, my parents had a handful of friends that had children our age.  These family friends came over for BBQs, went on vacations with us, camped with us, and traded kids for sleepovers (I only realize now, that those sleepovers gave our parents a much needed break to just be a couple).  We are lucky enough to have some of our dearest friends have children around the same age as Ro, as well.  And, we’ve also found a few new friends along the way.

When Ro was a newborn, I felt pretty isolated.  All my friends were working moms with children a little older.  They made playdates, but I felt left out since Ro was a few years younger, which meant we were in a completely different world as their children.  Instead of wallowing in my loneliness, I decided to join a few Meetup groups.  I was too cheap to pay for Mommy and Me classes, and figured, if the Meetup thing didn’t pan out, I could always join a class later (bad idea: most moms join these groups when their children are 8 weeks old and form bonds that an outsider at 6 months isn’t going to get).  As it turned out, I made two wonderful friends from these Meetups.

We all know how hard it is to make family friends, let alone genuine mommy friends.  Somehow these two families met all the criteria.  Not only do we get along, our spouses get along, and our kids play together beautifully.  While our parenting styles are not all the same, we never judge one another (for real!).  If one of us is in a bind, the others are always there to lend a hand.  I’m hoping our three girls form bonds of friendship even though they themselves could not be more different, just like the three of their mamas.




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