She’s Got Rhythm


Moms these days can’t get away with hanging out at home with their toddlers.  They’ve got to enroll their kids in class after class lest their 1 year old fall behind somehow.  I always thought this was a silly notion.  Hey, let kids be kids and experience boredom and creativity of their own devices.  But after seeing toddler after toddler walk sooner, talk sooner, I start to wonder, maybe these classes ARE important.  Needless to say, we’ve experimented with a class here and there to see what appeals to Ro and nothing has had me convinced I need to sign up ASAP.  She wasn’t into the gym classes, she was bored with the music class we tried, and I was about to give up on the search until I found dance.  Yes, unlike mommy, my child is a dancer!

I really should have known, since she can’t control her body movements when she hears a good beat.  Even during story time at the library, when she hears a song that speaks to her she’ll be the only toddler up and grooving.

So when a friend told me about Creation Station in Studio City, I signed up for a trial class.  I fully expected some meltdowns and Ro walking to the door with her shoes to signal “time to go” (she does this in every class we’ve been to).  To my surprise, she was smiling (actually smiling!) the entire class and even waited her turn and followed directions.  THIS NEVER HAPPENS.  The teacher was kind but stern which I appreciated (and may have helped).  She did the whole class eagerly and by the end I was convinced.  Where do I sign up?

It really convinced me that my child has her own interests even at such a young age.  I truly believe it is our job to expose our child to lots of different activities, and when you find one they love, pursue it.  I’m hoping I can be open and understanding of Ro’s interests as she gets older too.  Truth be told, I’m glad she’s into dancing right now, because it’s freaking adorable to watch a bunch of 1.5 year olds dancing around with jazz hands.



When Life Speeds Up


There’s something you should know about me…I’m fickle.  I’m not fickle about friends or important issues, but I’m very fickle about my hobbies.  I love starting new things.  Who doesn’t? It’s so fun to learn something new, get a bunch of new gear, and start a project.  But, life sometimes gets in the way of finishing them, and then it’s like, why bother? I can start this other brand new thing over here.  So much more fun! I think that’s what happened with this blog.

I was so excited to start it.  I worked for hours trying to find the perfect images to put in my title banner.  I planned out posts, and took pictures everywhere I went.  Then, my toddler stopped napping for 3 hours every afternoon.  With 1-2 hours to myself during the day, it was clean the bathroom and kitchen, or write a post.  I’m not a fan of living with insects, so the post always got passed up.  Right now, I’m postponing lunch to write this.  Crazy, right?

With an IVF cycle underway, an extremely active toddler, and quilting projects in progress for my soon to be nephews (TWINS!), it seems I never have a moment to just chill.  But, I have not forgotten this blog, it’s just gotten a little dusty with all that’s been going on.  I mean, it’s already summer! I hope with the summer come lots of amazing moments to share with you all, right here.  A once a week post will be my goal.  Promise!