Favorite Things: ColourPop Super Shock Shadow


I thought I’d start a series of posts about my favorite things.  After all, I’ve been whining about Ro and being a SAHM far too much for the title of this blog — ‘Mary’s Loves’.  What better way to lighten things up than to talk about frivolous material objects that I can’t get enough of? Yay!

May I introduce you to the best cream shadows that don’t require a brush and somehow have an intense long lasting color (probably loads of chemicals)? Ladies and gentlemen, I give you ColourPop Super Shock Shadows. I had never heard of the brand until I received a collection of four for my birthday.  I had been looking for a matte eyeshadow forever, and was stoked to find that one of them was a neutral matte.  These shadows are a type of cream that doesn’t require a makeup brush, so I dipped my finger in and pressed some onto my eyelids.  I was in love!

I don’t have a ton of time to do makeup in the morning.  My routine looks a little like this:

  1. swipe some eyeshadow on
  2. apply some liner to my lashline
  3. do a few quick swishes of mascara
  4. take bronzer and basically cover my cheeks with it (this one is the one I usually find I’ve over done once I get into the sunlight)
  5. smear on some lip balm
  6. *if I have time I’ll brush some eyebrow powder in place so that I don’t have invisible brows

Imagine my delight when I find out that I can make step 1 even shorter by not hunting for my eyeshadow brush.  Save 4 seconds? Fantastic!

The best and most addicting part of all is that this line is basically $5 a pop.  I may just have to order a ton of other colors.  From what I can tell, you can only order online since I can’t seem to find a brick and mortar shop.  I can’t vouch for their other products, (though the blush and highlighters look tempting) but trust me when I say these shock shadows are vibrant, easy, and affordable!