Naptime Recap: Scandal Season 5, Ep. 11

I used to love Scandal! I was obsessed. Don’t get me wrong, I still like it, but now I watch it because I’m invested more than obsessed.  We ARE on Season 5 after all.  I’ve got to say though, this season feels preachier than others.  I have always enjoyed the strong female roles that Shonda Rhimes writes into her shows.  She doesn’t subscribe to traditional characters and I appreciate that.  But up until this season you could interpret themes of feminine power and independence for yourself, now she just beats you over the head with it one monologue at a time.

It doesn’t take much analysis to gather that Olivia is a strong, independent woman, but somehow she has to go on a tirade about how she doesn’t need a man or a baby or a husband or even a boyfriend.  She just needs someone to sleep with when SHE wants, her career, and her badass self.  I appreciate that perspective.  Truly.  But EVERY. SINGLE. WEEK!?! Can we not just let the plot unfold so that I know what’s going to happen to the characters? Or is that too much of a patriarchal standard and expectation?

In case you missed this episode titled “The Candidate,” here’s the gist:


Look, I agree Olivia.  Growing up my parents always told me to get my education, have my own career, and then think about shacking up if that’s what I wanted.  Maybe this show is for people who don’t hear that often enough.  But for me, it’s starting to sound like a broken record.