On the Edge of Madness

Growing your family should be a happy, carefree experience.  Throw caution to the wind (and birth control), make whoopee, and see what happens.  For us, it’s not so much (check out A Neon Princess for all the dirty details).  We throw birth control to the wind, whip out ovulation kits, and then see a fertility doctor.  If you get to be part of the first group of old fashioned mamas and papas, count yourself lucky.

We are starting the process of growing our family and it is no walk in the park.  Sure we have a few frozen babies waiting for us, but they’re all the way in another state.  I didn’t think this was going to be such a big issue, but it has proven to be quite a hurdle.  We have to be monitored by a clinic down here, and then fly up to Washington a few days before the transfer.  Sounds easy enough, but add in the fact that we want to do it on a natural, unmedicated cycle and things get a little annoying.

I wanted to avoid having to shut down my body’s hormones, and instead use my body’s natural hormones.  It’s how we conceived Ro and I wanted to do the same this time around.  Except it’s been 2 years since we did it, and I forgot that it means a lot more ultrasounds and blood work, and timing is really tricky.  Let me add that if you’re being monitored by a clinic that isn’t going to be doing the transfer, they are not helpful at all.  Virtually no clinic will see you on a weekend if you need blood work or an ultrasound, and your in office visits don’t come with chit chat.  They’re merely there to scan you and send the results to your managing doc that will be doing the transfer.

So all of this back and forth has been a major headache, along with the actual headaches I’m getting from caffeine withdrawals (story for another time).  I’m hoping that this cycle works out, but it may just be that the timing is off and it has to be canceled.  Then we have to do this all over again next month.  So those of you who can just romp around for a few minutes and be with child, count your lucky stars.